:: Concept ::

7 MARES Vermouth takes its name and inspiration from the travels of the Portuguese around the world. Both ancient travels, when the Portuguese set off searching for spices, and modern - you will still find a Portuguese person anywhere you go. Portugal was instrumental in defining the map of the world. From the homeland, we have the grapes, the wines, the tradition of fortified wines. We have the aromatic herbs and some spices. From our travels we brought the citruses and other spices and herbs. From the sea come the iodine-scented breeze and the sea salt. 7 MARES Vermouth assembles all this in its bouquet, and delivers much more in the mouth, whether it be on its own with some ice or mixed in a cocktail. It is a cool, fresh and fragrant drink sophisticated, appealing and sensual.


:: Serve it ::

7 MARES Vermouth is made with dry and fortified wines of excellent quality with the perfect character for the expression of the botanicals. It is a white vermouth whose aromas are obtained only from natural products, in which sweetness, acidity, texture and subtle bitter notes counteract each other to achieve a very specific balance and to offer moments of lingering pleasure in the mouth reminiscent of sea, sun and light. Perfect for drinking on its own, chilled or with ice, but also an excellent addition to a cocktail.


:: Enjoy it ::

At a time when the art of bartending in is establishing itself, with growing interest in local and natural products, 7 MARES the Portuguese Vermouth asserts itself as a natural hand-crafted drink and is a perfect addition to the cocktails made by the new generation of Portuguese bartenders.


:: Presentation ::

The wine comes in 750ml bottles with the new Helix packaging system, which combines a classical Bordeaux glass bottle with an ergonomically-designed cork, enabling the opening of the bottle with no need for a corkscrew. This system was pioneered by two global market leaders in wine packaging, the Portuguese cork producer Corticeira Amorim and the American glass producer O-I. It incorporates the quality of traditional cork with the convenience of easy opening; it ensures perfect airtight sealing; it enables the removal of the cork by hand, as well as its re-insertion; and it guarantees sustainability, as both cork and glass are biodegradable and 100% recyclable.


:: Composition ::

dry white wines

fortifies wines

32 selected botanicals


aromatic herbs

dried flowers

natural fruit extracts

essential fruit oils

and nothing else!